Work Zone Safety

Safety in the work zone starts with you.

The Interstate 10 Broadway Curve Improvement Project work zone includes 11 miles of I-10, 1 mile of US 60 and 1 mile of State Route 143. Every weekday, hundreds of thousands of vehicles drive through the area – sometimes just a few feet away from the workers building new bridges and travel lanes.

Your vigilance helps to ensure the workers stay safe and you arrive at your destination safely.

Crashes in the work zone are most often attributed to speed and distraction. The speed limit in the work zone is 55 mph. In January 2022, the I-10 Broadway Curve Improvement Project Team launched a campaign to remind drivers to slow down and pay attention in the work zone.

The campaign includes:

The project team has also hired extra Department of Public Safety (DPS) officers to patrol the project work zone during non-peak times when opportunities to exceed the speed limit are highest.

Watch the Public Service Announcements